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Macarons Beauty Box

  • Presented in a delightful box, the Macarons Beauty Box is a delectable dessert treat that features expertly crafted macaron cookies in a vibrant array of colors. Whether enjoyed as a pre-dinner delight or a late-night indulgence, these sweets are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. To enhance your gifting experience, pair this box of treats with one of our flower gifts, ensuring a perfect match that creates the ultimate gift.

  • This gift includes a selection of 6 assorted macarons in a short pink hat box (size 2) measuring 15 cm in diameter and 4 cm tall or 6 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches tall. This gift pairs perfectly with many of our fine floral arrangements and acts as the perfect companion to many of our flowers gifts offered.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Dhairya karwa
moist, fluffy and crunchy

The best macroons. definetly 5 star rating for this product.

Angelica Alvarado
Fresh and flavorsome macaroons

The macaroons were probably freshly prepared and tasted great. Liked the packaging also. It was just like it is shown in the picture. I wish there were more of macaroons in a single box. I ordered this as late night dessert and it was really good. Recommended.

Alaina Hardy
It was such a treat

My mom sent these to me as a gift last month and I found them amazing. I once had macaroons in London which were fantastic, and these very just like those in taste. I asked my mom where she got them from and she told me about this site. I searched them by name and ordered a couple of boxes more. Recommended for people with a sweet tooth, you'll love them.