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Some Like It Fresh Dried Fruits

  • Some like it dried, and some like it fresh. For those who like both, there's the Some Like It Fresh Dried Fruits gift. Featuring a large selection of dried and fresh fruit, this is the ultimate edible companion to a beautiful flower gift. Find some great flowers to pair these treats with to create the ultimate gift.

  • This gift includes a plethora of delicious dried and fresh fruit including: bananas, grapes, apples, oranges, plums, kiwis, apricots, peaches, cranberries, figs, dates and much more! This gift pairs perfectly with many of our fine floral arrangements and acts as the perfect companion to many of our flowers gifts.

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Customer Reviews

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Helmer Buckridge
Healthy gift box

I bought this hamper for my son as he stays away from home for work and I wanted him to have something healthy to eat. The box was full of fresh fruits and crunchy, chewy dry fruits which he really enjoyed. I will certainly bear this site in mind for future presents.

Miss Maude Shields MD
Remarkably good

Ordered this for my grandmother as a Kosher basket and she rated it highly. The fruits were all luscious and sweet whereas the dry fruits were exotic and savory. There was such a huge variety of dry fruits that my grandma exclaimed that she has not had some of them in quite a long time. She was very pleased with it; also surprised when I told her we can get these baskets easily online. Really a commendable basket.